Pondering further the in-betweens, the connector people in our lives, I propose we celebrate National Connector Day – a day to honor people who initiated positive links to others who helped us – maybe even led to life turn-arounds, or amazing good experiences in our lives, or resulted in new deep friendships. These are the connectors in our personal world.


Like the Connector friend who happened to mention a company looking for a person with skills like yours, which led to your employment there. The mental health professional who suggested a treatment that sounded perfect for a hurting loved one.


The fellow writer who sent me an e-mail today to connect me to other writer friends she knows for our mutual benefit. Often after a Connector gives the helpful link we’re off and running forward and forget to thank the person who made the connection possible.

This link can be as small as a kite string or huge.DSCF2078

Our lives are entwined in countless ways. Certainly as a family counselor I know the impact isn’t always positive, but more often than not the connections are beneficial and that’s worth celebrating. Perhaps today ponder your past and thank a Connector who has helped you. Look for ways you can play this gratifying role of Connector. We who connect one person with another are greatly blessed.

There’s no greater connection than initiating or enriching someone’s connection with our great God. So many have never even heard about the richness of a relationship with Him. Will you be a voice that carries this good news outside your comfort zone? Will I? Colossians 2:19 But they [proud men] are not connected to Christ, the Head to which all of us who are his body are joined; for we are joined together by his strong sinews, and we grow [spiritually] only as we get our nourishment and strength from God.


My mystery novel Bullet in the Night involves the relationship of two women connected professionally and personally. When one is shot by a sniper the heroine goes into action to find her assailant. It’s available at amazon and most bookstores.